Tricked but never trapped

You realize that after this day
You and I have no more to say

Don't ask why
Never again in my emotions you two will pry

You know the reason
I consider this the worst treason

Henceforth not even once I'll rely
On both of you who know only to defy

Why don't you understand
That the duty of friends is to lend a hand

Not the other way around
Why do you try to push me to the ground

With each and every insult you hurled
I felt that our friendship curled

I felt my blood rush
When you made unnecessary comments
It is my anger that I crush
Both of you are the one's who'll repent

Whenever I tell you two how I feel
You just say it's no big deal

Our friendship has never been true
I can tell that everytime when I look at you

Remember,I may be tricked
But I'll never be trapped
In your vicious game
It will never be the same

So,forever let's seal
This friendship which has never been real

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This Poems Story

This poem is about how a teen feels when she's been betrayed by two of her close friends