Tried be a person I needed when I was younger,
Someone proficient, familiar, no more a stranger.
Tried to be selfless in a selfish province,
But was astrayed from dignity when I tried to convince.

Tried to help n wipe d tears who weep,
Instead initiated a chapter of losing friends n chasing sleep.
Tried growing up hoping n expecting,
Bruised n broken,ended up accepting.

Tried a jest for a smile I could bring,
Even acted like a puppet,all tied to d string.
Tried to motivate n propel,I tried to reshape,
Being all gaped,searched for ways to escape.

Tried to be generous,I paid d price,
Realising dat life was full of secret n lies.
Tried to conquer d past n write a new page,
Forgot I was held Hostage by d former in its cage.

Tried n tired I won't abandon until someone foresee,
Cause I have still got a lot of fight left in me.

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