Pull the trigger and just let me die
Don't pull the trigger of a gun bbecause the won't hurt as much
Pull the trigger of my trauma
Leave me gasping for air
Let my past be the death of me, i really don't care.
Pull the trigger
And let the bullet of memory begin
So i can bleed out all the sorrow.
Drowning in a pool of blood barely surviving but i still keep trying
To escape this never ending nightmare
Starting to realize life is not fair.
How many times do i have to be shot?
To make me stop remembering
But wait, i forgot
This cannot be controlled
No matter how many times that I'm told "getover it"
The bullet penetrating my throat leaving me unable to speak
Instead, i look down at my feet
For ignorance cannot be cured.
I've been shot a thousand times but never die.
Im invincible.
So go ahead and pull the trigger.

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