Triggers: No Harm Intended

Triggers  No harm intended

Shut up!
You make me sick!
Don't talk to me!
You don't love me!

Are just some of the things we scream
When angry.

But no harm intended.

It stems from the pain 
That causes flashbacks
And attitude change
When hurt all over again.

Those memory triggers
 That make us respond in wrong ways.

We love hard
But when hurt bad
We tend to have some minor set backs 
From the flashbacks of being hurt
In the past.

We don't want to shout
We don't want to pout
We don't even want to fight
Or lose friends.

But when those memories come back
We get all upset
And respond the way we wanted to in the past
But never did.

But I promise no harm was intended.

People say 
Girl, Get over it!
Child please, Move on! 
You should just Forgive!

But the fact is 
The past is something 
I do not wish to relive
But the things people do and say
Brings up all of those emotions all over again.

Do I mean to scream when people hurt me?
Yes, because I am trying to get their attention.


Hurt does not feel good.

Nor does it make me feel that
Someone loves me.

But I promise you that memory triggers 
Are a bad, mother...........

Girl shut yo mouth.

But I promise
No harm was ever intended.

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