Trinity of Sanity

They're constantly running into each other so unproductively
Their silent murmurs screaming their wavering judgement
Forever vocalizing their qualms and speculations infinitely
Their personalities clash overpowering one another without adjustment

He is the pack leader, the dictator, the alpha
He unceasingly belittles the others' perspectives with his acumen
He ridicules his peers which only fuels the pandemonium further
His satire produces unwanted argumentation time and time again

She is the wallower, the dweller, the broken hearted teenage girl
She drowns in my river of sorrows, sinking down deeper into the abyss
She amplifies my remorse and disappointments at a deafening volume
Her anguish and melancholy leads to my mind's overall amiss

Together they fathom the verity
They're cemented in my mind's discussion limitlessly
All eternally supplying the flame
To light the match igniting the ticking bomb of my mind's sanity

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