Triplets forsee that Titan is Falling

I see numbers divinity in it's neverending patterns
I get the signal straight from Saturn
Karmic Ray's of hope
Lit my course of irony
On a white horse lit my path with the light
Of insight
Can I move the rubble just to find my body where I left
Lying just to dry
But where it seems to try
With each breath reality hits me
Like a meteor strike
Mystical in the odds are
Well what are the chances
I'm clearing the path from branches
From the tree that was my difference
I see the possibility if I started switching the stances
I retract my statement as my body will recant it
I'm in high demand as my body rises I strike the snake from its weak stance in the desert sand
I am an oasis
And I command the tides
It doesn't matter if I'm in foreign land
Regardless of where I stand
I'm divine in the power that comes from
The place
Three times that's the place that I incline
This plane will never crash
Not when I've divided and I've dashed
All the times where I deemed my ruins trash when in fact I can make a new
Make my dreams come true
Eyes to the sky
They're looking blue
I know that I have bloomed
Above my circumstance here I bloom
Changing in aspect to the sun
I know that I have won
Guidance in where I belong
An ode to Chiron
Thank you
I will move on and face these issues
Head on
I know where i belong
Enchanted by the light i know i mean no wrong
I smirk with delight melodious laughs
I bangs the gong
Dont take me back to the song where I waged these battles
I will never fail the one's that I love
I send my healing Ray's from far above
I know what I'm made of
Ritualistic sex I break the cycle
So complex
I won't leave the engine on idle
I start it and I go back to the cradle
To lay my weary head on healing shoulders
I throw up the boulder
To watch it go down on the one's much older
The ones who have gone colder
She knows her shine will never fade
Forever stay with me
I'm so much bolder and you know it
You're on an exact point of clarity
And this shows it
With the Oracle's insight I
Overcome this fight

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