Through our divine tailor made courses awaits hardships,
compiled with tribulations
Intertwined unknowingly with clusters of sporadic moments of
chaos and confusing situations
Mislead with minimum insight of decisions and choices which
determines an individual's level of expectations
Circumstances enhance our drive and desires which intrigue
our dormant ambition or lazy inhibitions
Towards overcoming or rising above and beyond the normalcy of
struggles we embrace on daily occasions
Our mentality cradles the ability of catapulting us towards our
most vivid aspirations
Silently we move away from deception of those attempting to
distort our focus or altitude of achievement
Remaining burly and vigorous on our paths unturned by the
negativity filled only with thoughts of impairment
It is only through faith and love that guides us and improves our
surroundings to progress beyond it
Once we're standing on top of our goal can you utter the
words or enclose the feeling of becoming triumphant

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