Trouble With Life

Too many times i found myself musing life
the meaning of it, why im here, whats going to happen while im here
im not like other people who just live it
there has to be a reason
why am i here?
i have always wanted to be a writer, i am
i have always wanted to be heard, i am
but that doesnt answer my question
why am i here?
am i here to regret?
lord knows i wish i could go back
am i here to make sense of others lives?
i wish i could make more sense
i wish i could talk to people and they not be dense
i wish i wasnt so slow when it came to numbers
i wish i could dream when i wasnt in slumber
tell me life, whats next?
am i going to die a coward?
am i going to live a coward and die a martyr?
whats wrong with this life?
you see, that is the trouble with life, no instruction manual

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