Troubled Religion

I believe there is a god, yes it has to be,
But i still need this stuff to be explained to me .
They say read the bible but that doesn't make sense any,
I just need my own reason to why i'm spiritually healing.
Complex mind, troubled religion.

Tell me how do you argue with science and the start of creation.
Its a believe,believe not thing, it gets really crazy.
If heaven is real God please don't bail on me .
I just need to understand this man please dwell on me.
Complex Mind, Troubled Religion.

Being simple minded isn't learned its just in common day.
Complex thinking isn't taught its just a different way.
What is afterlife? hell it could be dreaming
Need this clarified I might need to change my way of living,
simple minds robot thinking, complex minds troubled religion.

Asked some older people why they were into God they got to thinking.
How do you just fully believe and not have no reason?
A simple minded society cause complex mind , troubled religion.
What do i tell my kids when i have no religion? not atheist...
Just cant understanding why the world is so evil yet refreshing,
created by god and ran by demons.
Complex mind troubled religion.

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