Troubled Waters

I speak of troubled souls who see no way out
I speak of troubled souls decried as selfish
When they were but selfless
I speak of suicide
I tried it once
Too young and dumb to see the pain of those left behind
Depression is a trickster
You view the world in an altered state
In the miasma of your pain, you know that you are alone
That you are worthless
That you cannot overcome the travails of life
That you are a burden to all those you love
In the midst of your despair, you are drowning
Wave upon wave of self-loathing pummels you
You can no longer breathe
Depression is a beast of prey
It rips you from the inside out
It leaves but a shredded soul where a human used to be
It is a selfless act from those who dare to die
I never tried again, though it tantalized me through the years
I saw the pain in my loved ones' eyes
And relief was not worth the price
I never jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge
Too many have leapt from its iconic span Into the waters below
Into the troubled waters where they could, at last, find peace
For the trouble in their souls

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