True Beauty

A dark black sky lit by the moon
The first star will come out soon
The silence is plain
But worth a thousand words
If you listen with your ears it cannot be heard
Listen with your heart and with your soul
If you listen close you can hear it whole
Beauty is in the air and trees
It's even in a simple bee
Beauty is in what is sowed
What is put in it
Not what is paid in a load
In a world I want to grow up in
Is not judged on the outside but what is in
It's from the tip of your toes to the top of your chin
It's not like humankind to accept true beauty
We don't care how people act
We try to deny but it's a fact
No mater how hard we try
We can't have true purity, it's no lie
But I believe we can evolve for better lives

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