True beauty goes beyond skin deep

Encountering a new piece of fruit
i can only view the rhine
am i able to accurately conclude
how it will taste inside?

jackfruit big and ugly
pumpkins misshaped and fat
mulberries look like caterpillars
can i see through their act?

fuzzy little brown kiwis
a spiked pineapple hide
pricks me if i squeeze too tight
will appearance be my guide?

getting past their camouflage
the truth they try to hide
but when i hold and sniff its scent
it’s ripe sweetness that i find

so, no matter the outward vision
if i could look beyond its skin
the true beauty of them all
is the flavor contained within.

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Tags : Beauty, Fruit, Judgemental, Metaphors

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    What more can i say? Beauty is all inside. The whole poem is a metaphor. But i\'m pretty sure you got that.