True Friend

I sit here by my desk
And I remember your face.
I pick up my pen
And begin the scribbles of my inner rave.
I remember your smile
And think, will I ever see it again?
You had such a perfect light
That could never be tamed.
My heart sinks when I think of you,
As do my eyes fill with water too.
I know it's been quite a while,
But I will never forget your life.

From my chair, I arise
And walk to a picture of you.
All our memories flood my mind.
Oh how those times were so good.
I know everyone has to die sometime,
But you did not have to detach so soon.
You were still so full of life.
Heck, you made me want to live in full.
You touched so many lives,
So much that without you we didn't know what to do.
I didn't even get to say goodbye
Or even tell you thank you.

They say true friends are the ones who are there
When you need them the most.
Then how great a true friend you were.
Now, you are my inner ghost.
I just wish you were here!
Was it too much to ask you not to go?!
Over what happened, I still feel guilty.
You exchanged your life for mine, literally.
My saviour, who took the bullet for me.
The life I have is not just mine anymore, both you and I, it is for.
And I will live it to the fullest as an honour
Of a true friend filled with colour, valour and candour

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The longing for a lost one