True friends

When you are going through times that our tough,
One true friend to make you smil is enough,
Its fine if you dont know him since you were small,
What matters is true friendship thats all!
A true friend is a gem that is rare,
He is someone who will always care,
A true friend never back bitches,
If you feel torn inside he is the one who stitches,
Maybe you dont know him since years,
He can turn you happy when you are in sorrowful tears,
True friends always 'let go',
As friendship matters more to them than their ego,
A true friend is like a precious crown,
Someone who will never let you down,
Honesty is something which matters,
In its absence friendship shatters,
He is like the sun who provides light,
He is the one who makes everything alright,
True friendship has no end,
Only tough times show who is a true friend,
Loyalty is one thing required,
Only then trust is accquired,
Secrets are something which they never leak,
For you they could even reach a mountain peak,
I feel we are bonded to true friends even before birth,
The best blessing from God is a true friend on Earth.

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