True love

When you find ur love!!

Finding our love is like meeting of the two stars so far in galaxies.
Which are very apart and hard .
Finding our love is like meeting of the two souls which were dwindling everywhere!
It's traumatic experience in life!
But when you find out your true love,
You realize your body is giving sensation and all vibrations of only one name.
Your mind is speaking only one language of love.
To love and to be loved.
Your heart wants everything it could do only with just that person.
Your world squeezes to just flower surrounded by only one bee.
You want to be with them desperately,and genuinely.
You know this is not just a physical law of attraction!
It's really beyond that..
You stop looking at the outer beauty,
You just get blind with the inner beauty!
And no outer source can hinder your path,
You will pray to be with them ,
You want them to be happy and safe.
Finding out your love is like solving a big mystery,
Difficult yet imperative to live..
Living with your love is like getting the crown of a kingdom...
Still leaving the kingdom..
Going away and living happily!!

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