True Love..

By Jay   

What is the true love that we look for,
Is it walking on the beach and is it something we can ignore.
True Love is something that comes once in a lifetime,
I prayed every day that one day I would find mine.
I found True love and I found it with you,
I can’t wait I’m excited I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
Me make mistakes to helps us find our way,
But the True Love we have will never slip away.
It’s ok to be afraid from something you never felt before,
But True Love is something you will only find once not any more.
True love stands together in the hardest of time,
There is nothing else real out there that we would say "o no this is mine."
We share a life of heart and soul,
Because True Love is something that is not in our control.
When you find True love take it before it goes,
This is something that only comes once it’s not like it is on tv shows.
Don’t chase a dream for something to change,
Find your true love and start planning how your life should be arranged.
One chance at true love and it will forever change you,
Someone in true love will only want to be with you.
We have so far to live together that I wish we could see,
But when we hold hands we know that this True Love is meant to be.
Don’t run away just turn and run at me,
Because I am ready to hold you you when you say catch me.
Life is to short skip out on true love,
We have been give one chance yes it’s called True Love.

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This Poems Story

Falling in love with someone I least expected and seeing it is true but understanding the aspect of wanting to learn from them and with them. After so many horrible situations of not understanding I was not scared and learned so much that it has to be true love. The want to be with each other is there everywhere we go. The urge to hold each other and never wanting to let go. The urge to kiss someone just to feel their heart with yours, The want to calm the storm of the other person when they feel like breaking and knowing that person would do the same for you.