True Things Happen

I was going to the store to trade in a phone I had bought earlier that day
It was cold outside, freezing temps
It was winter break

I put on about 3 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, and strapped on my coat
Put on my Browns hat
I started to walk, something told me to turn around, something told me no

It's hard for me to listen
I didn't mind the voice in my head
The deep snow from the ground that glissend
I turned around and walked back in that house
Then I changed my mind because I wanted my phone instead

So then I started walking
I'm on my way to the store
The whole time I'm slipping and falling
I started singing to myself, I was bored

I get to the store safe and sound
The heat felt so good inside
I got the phone I had wanted, now I had to get back home safe and sound
The phone was a iPhone 5

So then I started walking
On my way back home
The whole time I'm slipping and falling
I was scared as I don't know what
It dark outside and I was all alone

I had to cross the street to get to home
I looked to my left and I seen that car, I know I did
But it was far enough for me to cross the street
I wasn't thinking this could be the last seconds that I live

I'm in the turning lane
Standing, wait for another car to turn on my right
Than, a loud noise, I felt something hit me on my left
My head hit glass, medal scrapped my back
I began to loose my sight

I got up, I'm walking to the curve
I sat down and put my hands on my face
I felt everything, yeah those scars hurt
Especially the one on my waist

I heard a man screaming help
But I didn't have enough strength to walk
I tried to scream and ask if he was okay
But I was too afraid, too shocked to talk

I started to loose breath
I layed on my back gasping for air
I knew my life was coming to an end, so I just grabbed on to a good luck chain that I kept
I started to give up, I thought about all my family and friends
At the time if I had died I wouldn't even care

My eyes begin to close
My hearts beating so fast
There's nobody out here to help me, nobody knows
I took a deep breath and prayed, it was my last

I saw nothing, I felt peace
But then I opened my eyes
I saw one of the brightest lights
That I have ever seen

Colors everywhere
I felt alive again, I was okay
I could breathe, I was stress-free
I just felt so good

Than I felt this sting hit me in my chest
I saw 3 men standing over me
My eyes where open, the paramedic told me I was blessed
He asked me did I know what happened to me
I said yes sir I remember everything

There's more the story
If you know me i probably told you the rest
I'm here for a reason, I just wish I would know why
But I don't call it a miracle, I just tell myself I'm blessed

You never know when you'll take your last breath
So I'm telling you to be ready
Because I'm blessed
I pray and I pray everyday, now if I die
I know I'll be ready

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