True Wish

I clasped my hands tight and toss a penny in a wishing well
But my mouth will be closed because I will never tell
My wish might have been for something shiny and bright
It may have been for love to conquer this world's endless fight
Or maybe it was for a huge crayon to color in my duel life I live
I might have wished for this world to stop taking and start to give
But one thing I know for sure
Is what I would not wish for
One would be for a monster behind my door
And another one would be for my mom not to love me anymore
And that my hated fear would come true
For the markers to run out of the color blue
But for a little kid you'll always let your secrets be sold
My mouth won't remain zipped because my wish must be told
You see my wish was for something greater than your imagination
And more beautiful than a finger-paint creation
Because for this wish there was no hesitation
For this wish has been on my mind for a while
It wasn't for something vicious and vile
But instead for something that everyone can see
My wish was worth more than anything can be
And that one wish was for me to always be me
I clasped my hand on another penny and threw it into a wishing well
But my mouth will be closed and sewn shut for I will never tell
Because for this wish I will need my luck to never fail

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