A wood ash cannot turn back to a wood
Neither can rain go back to the clouds
Likewise, a broken trust is as good as lost!
I tagged my trust as Soil
And you were my wind
I gave you my soil and you blew it away
You left an erosion in my heart
A deep pit was created in me
I felt soo empty.
The tap to my eye was opened
There rolled a salty liquid from my vision
For a moment, there was silence and tension
I knew I've lost it all, ultimate conclusion

My trust was left like a basket,
Waiting to be filled with water
I was sad, I was mad, I was lost in the thoughts of my trust
Wanted to replace my trust with another soil, but figured it will still be blown away.
I then mixed the soil with cement and concrete which were my courage and strength.

Yes I have learnt a lesson of life
A life of trust
A trust with courage and strength
I believe I can trust
I'm relieved from the worst!

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