Trust Abated

Said them too many times, no longer does he believe
The apologies that spill out of my mouth with ease
My head says one thing but my body another
Attacked like a thief in the night while under his covers
I was doing so good, I was living so right
Listening to sermons and reading my bible both day and by night
Now I'm sitting in hot water (literally), sweat drips from my head
Imaging what you must be thinking while lying in your bed
Thought that I was the one, thought you got it right
Your Bonnie, my Clyde for the rest of your life
Now I'm guessing, bet you're wondering if you made a big mistake
Was she real and really changing or was she just being fake
You've given me chance after chance, I can't ask for another
But I promise I love you like I've loved none other

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