trust imagination

The flowers turned blue.
The garden used to be quite dead but now it’s different.
Not quite alive either, but rather in the middle.
The death of the garden just couldn’t be true!
So it came alive from what looked dead.
The people in the garden went into a deep meditation.
The flowers turned blue.
Roses hung from wall to wall.
She woke up feeling old.
But where did her life go in her sleep?
Wait a minute I want to go back!
I don’t want to grow up yet!
I feel like everything was taken from me right when I stepped into adulthood.
Along with everything I had, my whole slate was wiped clean.
Now I have to start over.
Sometimes I wonder if it’s a good or a bad thing?
She grabbed the Moon as the stars screamed, don’t be so afraid.
She looked the Man on the Moon dead in the eyes.
She didn’t hear what the stars said.
She was determined to get answers.
Before she could say anything, the Moon smiled.
The gigantic rock slipped from her hands & turned into God’s thumbnail.
It quickly turned upside down & looked like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland.
She suddenly felt so small and then so big & then small again.
There she met a caterpillar smoking a hookah.
He was sitting on top of a mushroom cap as she approached him.
Why aren’t you turning into a butterfly already?
Answer my riddle, and then you’ll see what changes me in this place.
His answer was peculiar, but she gave it a try.
She told him okay what’s your riddle you hookah smoking caterpillar?
My riddle is in your heart & on your mind he said to her.
The look on her face was abruptly saying what the fuck?
This caterpillar’s crazy, but who am I?
She woke up feeling young.
The caterpillar inside her was still humbly thinking.
She wasn’t really asleep too long.
She woke up feeling young.
She was looking forward to butterflies coming.
She was singing Amen the future isn’t yet gone!

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