Trust in Me

Trust in me? If you had trust in me,
you wouldn't question me, or barrage me.
If you had trust in me, you would understand
that I am who I am and that I am in this life,
and that I give a damn.
You don't need to be me, to trust me.
Just understand what is me, don't just try and touch me.
Just because I can be touched, doesn't mean I should be.
Feel me and know I'm broken.
Heal me? Impossible, only I can.
But know me, don't just get inside me and or judge me.
Get to know my being, not just my body.
Don't try and convince me, know me.
You're not beneath me, nor I to you.
I am not a sheet meant to cover or hide you.
You are you, that defines you, not me.
You, you. I me. Slightly intertwined but still two to see.
Unfortunately this you will never see,
you don't know how to treat or be.
Yet for some reason I still have trust in you,
and honestly I should just let you be.
If you had trust in me, then you would let me be me,
it goes both ways.
Get it? No? I thought so.
See when you don't trust me, you chain me.
You hold me back, weigh me down to the depths of the sea.
Just to bring me back up and let the world see,
see the mess you have made of me.
So why should I trust you and let you be free?
When you're the one who has no trust in me.

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