Don't waste time,
On holding grudges.
Always make sure to add,
the finishing touches.

Say you're sorry,
When you should.
If you make a bleep,
Knock on wood.

Let go of things,
You can't change.
Stay clear from things,
That are pre-arranged.

If at all possible.
Think before you react,
Be responsible.

Your darkest hour,
Can be the brightest light.
Never give up,
Without a fight.

A new beginning,
Comes from a painful ending.
Try to complete the task at hand,
Try not to leave things pending.

All the painful lessons,
It makes you strong.
Helps you out,
keeps you plugging along.

Betrayal can make you,
More intelligent.
Only put effort into,
Things that are relevant.

Be quirky,
Attract the unattracted.
Stay on track,
Don't get distracted.

In the face of adversity,
Don't hit below the belt.
When you leave,
Let your absence be felt.

Some days go slow,
Others you make progress.
Believe in yourself,
Trust In The Process….


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