Trust Issues

Lovers trust,
While devils lust,
But it's so serpently,
The way you hiss,
In a choked up bliss,
As you slither away from me.

You're left with no eyes,
Left with no tongue,
Left with no legs,
With which to run.

One more slice,
Your movements entice,
One more slit,
And a ruby-red drip.

You're left with no arms,
Left with no ears,
Trapped in your mind,
A prison of fear.
No more regrets,
No more lies,
One last kiss,
To this world goodbye,
Your sanity drips,
From your fingertips,
You give into sleep,
Your soul, mine to keep.

Every breath you take,
I let you take,
And your breathing is in key,
With the strings I pull,
your eyes go dull,
As you pass, so peacefully.

And now this curse is mine,
I can't stop,
because it's so divine.
I seek blood,
and all the flesh I see,
Is just a playground,
for every fantasy.
I wreak havoc,
and I lust for death,
The smell of her skin,
still on my breath.
And when the morning,
Finally arrives,
I'll quench my thirst,
with unsuspecting lives.

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