Trust Issues

It was the calm before the storm.
His heart was ice cold, but his body was warm.
I saw the fire burning in his eyes.
I felt the stinging as they bore into mine.

It all started with hello.
Yet I ended up in Hell.
Never knew how far he would go.
Until I saw how far I fell.

Trust Issues.

I told him how my father left.
He said he felt the same.
We talked till we were out of breathe.
Yet to him it was just a game.

He said all the right things.
While we sat and talked about life.
And after two years of puppet strings,
He started calling me his wife.

Trust Issues.

He protected me like a daughter.
But kissed me like a lover should.
And I protected him like a brother.
Because in my heart, I thought he was good.

So for two long years, we loved and fought.
We talked about our futures.
Until one day, he was finally caught.
And I believed all of the rumors.

Trust Issues

I had let him in.
He had seen the real me.
He knows all my sins.
Now he is my greatest enemy.

How can someone hold you in their arms while you sleep?
Then that same night, take another girl out, while you peep?
I got the call at midnight, then saw the picture for myself.
You were all up on her, saying there was no one else.

Glad to know that I don’t count.
That every single thing said to me was fake.
Glad to know that you won’t be around.
Every time to fix my mistake.

But then again. In my past.
All of my mistakes had to do with you.
So now that you’re gone, the only thing you let last,
Are these Trust Issues.

I don’t believe in love no more.
Good people don’t exist.
Why are these boys talking to me for?
I know they only want sex.

All these rumors, and fighting, and snitches and more.
Has left me at home, fighting my own inner war.
The calm before the storm has come and passed.
Yet these Trust Issues will stay and last.

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