Trust Issues

Just as quickly as it started, that's as fast as it ended
One heart felt fine, when the other felt like time just stopped ..

He went on dates and kisses other girls
Bought a new car and got a raise..

She covered her red eyes from tears behind sunglasses
And stayed behind closed doors, feeling empty
and wishing it was a nightmare
"Soon would I awake in his arms?" She asked herself..

The pain hurt my throat at first then my eyes fill with water,
It falls down my cheeks and I wipe it away but then comes another.

This pain makes me feel like I have another piece chipped
away from my in someone that will someday be my man..
Will each bad relationship stay with me and make me judge
the next so deeply? I use to think I had trust issues till now,
now I know I do and I always will, will anyone, not just you.

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