Trusting Evil

Trusting Evil
Like the wolves grey eyes watch.
Sharing is not taught.
Life is not suppose to be fought.

Tomorrow will be new & will be different.
"The muck at our feet
The ooze that eats itself "
You still stink of it".

The ancient holy ghost ...
their power runs through your veins.
"Can you think of the one word there you probably shouldn't have said?"
To destroy each member of the Black Thorn.

"Place the holy vessel back into the bassinet."
An abduction you will regret.

Do not notarize or sign anything no matter what.
There is no reason to record words.
Others notions abscurd.
Misunderstand what they heard.
I will never trust their actions.
Courthouses is like a church with the devil as god.
Birthing Ariel was worth each contraction.
I would'nt do it again though.
I had to be sewed what was ripped.
One life is just as precious as two or more.
Child birth was an expected trip.
My belly may never again be flat.
But I am determined not to get fat.
About this we will no longer speak of that.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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