Trusting No One

Trusting No One
This table is taken.
What is the cafe making?
I will have a buttery croissant.
A chai latte is what I always want.

My daughter has always been my only real family.
We deserve respect.
But judgments is all we ever get.
Some faith on us no one will let.
For us to fail is what they all bet.
Her academics reflect.
Our credibility is what it affects.
A recommendation they still don't regret.
The schools & courts don't know I am what is in her best interest & always has been.
Just because I list my case & did not win.
To take a child away from a good mommy is their sin.

Broken hearts with paper they deliver.

To be labeled insane on court manuscripts is ridiculous.
Logic is something they entirely missed.
They need to give Karma a kiss.
Revenge crawls & may hiss.
The mediator, judge, & minors counsel, along with all the attorneys can drink serpent's piss.

They wasted half a year of my living expenses on their wages.
They didn't care at all about my declaration pages.

I passed the evaluation of my brain.
I took pointless parenting classes in the rain.

What they really believe is I am unfit because I am unmarried.
Ariel is my baby which I carried.

Nobody talks to me.
I am a loner as you can see.
To be my friend no one wants to be.
But that is okay.
I do my life my way.
I have a place to stay.

My cat identifies with my mind.
A true friend in him I find.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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