Trustworthy Hands

This vase of mine has been broken
and glued together time and time again.
I've trusted unworthy hands to hold and take care of it.
Maybe I should put it in a safe and throw away the key?
But I cannot do that. Is it because I'm a broken man,
or do I like to see the good in those unworthy hands?
Is it because I'm a weak man?
I let people hold my vase when they have not proven they're worthy.
I think it's none of the above.
The thought of finding that one person who will keep
this vase safe and maybe put it back together for me is amazing.
I love with every fiber of my being;
I try to love that one person like I want to be loved.
I think it takes a strong man to live for someone else.
Hiding my vase will only hinder me from
letting that someone who has trustworthy hands hold it.
There's someone out there who will hold this vase,
and protect it with every fiber of their being.
Yeah, this vase has scratches, cracks, and many missing pieces;
but those scars will soon be fixed by someone,
and that someone will receive a love like they've never had.
They will receive a love that will hopefully
fix the scratches, cracks, and missing pieces that their vase has.
Every vase has its blemishes, and those blemishes
make a vase that much more beautiful.
So keep calling me a broken man, maybe you're right.
But this broken man has trustworthy hands.

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