They say the truth will set you free,
but the truth brought me more burdens .
The truth brought me more days of pain, and lost,
and constantly hurting.
The truth is no matter what life keeps going .
I've been through so many battles
a lot of my scars are still showing.
The truth is no matter what you think
everyone has two different sides.
One they like to show
and one they love to hide .

I had to learn not to lean on certain people
when I needed to vent.
Because the same words I spoke to chosen people
came out of the mouths of people I was against.
I had to learn a lot of things .
I had to learn a lot of lessons.
But I'm still living my life
and collecting my blessings.
I had to elevate myself
even when I refused to.
Because I was tired of living life
the way I use to.

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