Truth and Betrayal

The body and soul of one so innocent and pure
To be the witness of tragedy and suffering.
A young woman sent by the ruler of heaven to save his people
From those who put them through such agony.
Why did she witness the horrors that come of telling the truth?
So innocent and loyal.
Why did those who needed her betray her?
What is the reason for them to leave her
To be sent to the torture of their enemies?
A king who all believe to be brave a coward and a murderer.
A young girl from a poor village who witnessed
Her sister''s murderer and rape braver than any man even a king.
A young woman once praised and treated fairly
Betrayed by those whom she saved.
Why was she to suffer in body and mind?
The pain she was submitted to and the horrors
She witnessed in the past as a young girl.
Why was her fate to burn as a servant of the devil
When she was the Messenger of God?
A king would ask if she was ready to die for him.
But would he for her?
Her fate was fire bodily harm and betrayal
But I ask on my knees why.

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