Truth Behind Words

Each hazed wall, strain to covet interpersonal calamity
Crashing rocks, with holey socks, the maladaptive danger
The mystic stranger.come in all shapes, sizes.flocks
Dried tear ducts, never to seep through the world

Never to transcend through the solid frame
This thing called sanctified courage,
More than just impassioned rage
Asking the question, why does the chimp charge its cage?

Be vigilant
Stand proud
Be raucous and haughty
Be loud

Each wind gust of a stifled child's voice
Rip it from a cloud
No more do I break the trees with rusty battle axe
No more do I entreat no cater to an outcast's first heart attack

There is no shroud of shriveled leaves, blowing from the west
There is only one truth, within whatever that is best
For this anomaly, this pulsating mass is still beating
It refuses to rest

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