Truth Burns

Suns beating on me
Feeling the heat of truth
Trying to make conversation
Is like extracting impacted tooth

Good were in this boat now
As I'm faced with what I see
I'm just grateful for the clarity
No deceptions to confuse me

Just trying to hold my rod right
Praying I don't catch a fish
Because for sure I'm going to lose it
Since I'm so incapable of this

I'm not allowed to paddle
You've confiscated my rod as well
I'm trying not to fester
But feeling like I'm in Hell

The heats going to fry me
As I listen one more time
To "how you doin baby?"
Getting tired of this line..

Truth is I'm burning
And looking for an escape
Just want to be on land now
After leaving you in my wake

I know that you can't feel me
It's only you and the fish
So its time for me to bail now
So I'll grant you this one last wish

You can have the boat now
Keep my rod as well
Fish to your hearts content
just find another gal

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