Truth hurts

Lets take a closer look
Open up the good book
You'll be amazed at what you see
We as a people think we free
But the Bible says we living in slavery
Welfare and section 8
Government taxes we must pay
Crack pipes in the streets Who can stand the heat
Not knowing Esau from Jacob
They showed our people such hatred
Yet and still we kill one another
Well look closer because that's your brother
We from the same tribe
Our fallen brothers that have died
Are turning in their graves
While you shoot kill rant and rave
They died for the cause
While you fools shoot just because
They want to kill off our society
Were becoming a impropriety
Jacob gets the ladder
Our people steady getting madder
Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of lentil soup
Then gathered up his troops
And made slaves out our people
Then wrote we created equal
Yet we are the minority
But by who's authority
The bible states the truth
We the 12 tribes came from Christ roots
Michael Angelou whitewashed their faces
During the rebirth of white civilization
Our heritage and birthright is what they have taken
Truth hurts that's why I wrote this poem
So many of my people still don't know

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This poem is real, raw and straight to the point. It's meant to cut deep.