Truth of a Juvenile

Walking past your peers with melancholy expressions.
The lonely halls contain dark depressions. Remembering
the summers happy end, sparking the need for you to
blend. Books, papers, pencils and more all lying on
your unswept floor. Walking in late at night, sick of
this never-ending fight. Sleep cascades over your
anxiety-ridden self, as spiders and shadows lie
upon your shelf. Make-up is your only disguise
from the boys and girls judgmental eyes. Teachers,
nurses, counselors and more. Essays, planners,
future goals galore. Painted nails, glossy lips, your
dress perfectly forms your hips. All September.
Taking pictures of memories you'll no longer remember.
Bonds are broken, trust is lost. Soon you'll learn
there is a small cost. Fears, dreams, experiences and
all wouldn't be a thing if you didn't fall into the
depths of this four leaf clover. Soon it'll all be over.

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