Truth of Peace

Peace is something that may seem mysterious.
Travelling through time,
Being disturbed, attained, re-disturbed.
Peace is not something that is bought.
A wealthy man can die a death of glamour and luxury;
And yet die amongst the most disturbed men of distorted men.
Mentally distorted, emotionally distorted.

The bloodshed of a thousand lost.
The galloping children and heavenly confused mothers.
Another one of those that disturbs peace,
is the cry of a mother.
When a child hears the cry of a mother,
his soul's heart trembles from uncertainty.
His mother's tears rolling.
Rolling on the smooth skin,
Finally rolling far enough to be absorbed in it.

Peace is also achieved, felt and tasted.
If you ask a father,
their child's smile is their peace.
If you as a child,
ice cream is their peace.
Peace of this world is temporary.
Yet it is more satisfying than the laughs of 'happiness'.
Why would you chase happiness,
when you can achieve peace?

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