Try Every Single Day

You sit and judge me for the things I do
But for what cause it feels good to you
I got another pair of my shoes
Put them on, don't worry I'll walk with you
Cause you see I walked that hard road
And I vowed never have anyone walk it alone
I don't care about the words that you say
Because I try my best every single day
I might make a bad choice in my life
But I learn and try to make it right
But go ahead look down onto this guy
I guess your pedestal is actually that high
However while you looking down on me
I decided to join the United States Marines
I decided to go to the gates of hell
Instead of not being a statistic and in up in jail
I decided these walks in my life
But what I decided did it make things right
So yes I am now on the ground
All alone with no one around
But I'll make it one day
Cause I try every single day

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