Try To Be Thankful For Something


Something my father reminded me the other day
Self-pity isn't going to help you; things will improve
I replied hope won't make things any better either
I was born with the incurable sickle-cell SS
It wrecked my life causing it to be a veritable mess
Had pain so severe requiring multiple hospital stays
The word remission does not apply to sickle-cell SS
Don't plan to bid adieu to doctors like many
It can deduct from daily life causing misery and strife
Reiterate, there is no remission, so freedom is nil
Voice for many, we will see doctors until we die
Basic funding is spent on study, education, or therapy
Coping with the illness is a difficult bitter pill
Affecting plans of the driven resolute achiever
Illness as fatal and severe as cancer and hemophilia
Medical field and pharmaceutical industry believers
Sickle-cell is superfluous and not worth their time
Between hospitals, doctors, sickbeds, no recreation
Aforementioned, don't count on wishing to achieve
One must be present in class to get college credits
Sickle-cell affects your life, including education
With support from God, I found writing, music, and faith
The morale I must share who reads this is be thankful
For the little things God gives you in life everyday
Also don't waste your life; everyone should be thankful

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