Tsunami Eyes (I Still Love You)

The water was so blue
It reminded me of the sky, as the wind would rush through it
Almost like it was in a hurry to get wherever it was going
It also reminded me of a pair of crystal blue eyes
Those eyes of yours, they were filled with anticipation
But there was something else about them
The waves in your eyes were holding back a storm
No, not just a storm..
Something more than just a "storm"
It was a hurricane
In fact there may have been a whole tsunami in there, waiting
I fell for those eyes of yours
I fell, not realizing how deep the water was
I couldn't swim, the waves were too big and heavy
And then that storm, that hurricane
That tsunami
It all came to me:
Who would've thought that such Angelic eyes could hide so much pain?
So much anger?
So much temptation?
At that very moment, I stopped breathing
I was drowning, without a way to escape
And even now, as I look into those eyes, my heart skips a beat
And I drown over and over, every day
Because even though you killed me, I still love you

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This Poems Story

This poem is my own original narrative poem about falling for somebody with crystal blue eyes and feeling so much heartbreak that it's almost like drowning. It's about still loving somebody, even after they're aware of the pain they've caused you. This poem is based on my own current personal experience. Maybe others can relate to this poem of mine.