He sat slouched with the last minuscule shreds of his dignity
Being held up by the ceramic white walls.
With every second that past the last drops
of water made their way down the drain.
It claimed victim to the filth on his body.
Leaving behind only what could not be washed.

The darkness laid its cold clutches on his body and mind so strong
He could not shake free.
He could not dream of being free.
Deep down he did not want to be free.

Eyes locked on the knob that determined hot or cold
He thought time and time again,
"Can someone please help me?"
No one would come to him.
He was alone in a house of many
He was the only one who knew,
He was the only one he allowed to know.

He managed to shake free his eyes
From the darkness of his thoughts just long enough to see
The door was not locked.

With all the strength he had left he raised himself from that tomb,
And dragged himself to the next one.

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