Tug-O-War of Hearts

You push and I pull
So we both look like fools
Like tug-o-war with our hearts
We just rip them apart
But it's not a rope nor a game
So our heads hang in shame
It's a love that's so strong
Yet so much goes wrong
Walls just proliferate
As if fueled by mere hate
But is that all true? There's no way it can be
But rather a front put up so that others don't see
So take a look at me now, look me straight in the eyes
There's a love undeniable, there's no reason for lies
No reason for guards, no reason for walls
So why do we take these steps back? Why do we take all of these falls?
If I could rip them all down, that's just what I'd do
I'd tear them all down til it's just me and you
Just pure raw emotions, with no hesitations
Nothing held back, just that tingling sensation
That feeling you give me when I get lost in your eyes
The way you capsize my heart and keep me mesmerized
Those are the feelings that can't be denied
I can't let them go, I can't let them subside
So you'll be my forever, for us there's no end
You're my love, you're my life, you're my very best friend
Times may be tough and things may go wrong
But every-time we endure this we continue to grow strong
So stand by my side, don't you dare walk away
And I'll promise you the same, that forever I'll stay

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    This Poems Story

    This is about a relationship in which someone was very manipulative causing confusion by continually pushing me away and then reeling me back in over and over again.