Tug of War

The battle was raging
Sending flashes of luminescent color,
Contrasting against flames and fire.
The light shining down beamed through the darkness,
But the dark depths enveloped it quickly.
Hands were reached out in both directions,
Pulling this way in that,
A gentle touch on one side,
While the other felt charred and broken.
Temptation pulled in one direction,
While righteousness pulled towards the other.
The tug of war was frantic,
But the gentile hands grew stronger,
For they gained help from those stuck in the middle.
At once the scene changed,
From being pulled from the depths of despair,
Into the endless sky of hope.
The music was welcoming,
Soothing and reassuring.
I was taken under delicate wings,
And I knew I was protected,
As long as I was surrounded by their embrace.

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