Around me there is tall grass building walls
But every now and then a tulip identical to me will peek through the large green curtains
Beneath me there is nutrient rich soil
Sustaining me like a lifeline, without it I wouldn’t exist

Above me there are sun rays beaming so bright
I wish I could thank them for giving me my first fresh breath of spring

This is what I call “home”
But sometimes I just want to leave.

My roots are constantly playing a tug of war with the soil
And they always lose.
I am convinced they are engulfed into the center of the Earth and tied to its core 7 times
I can never leave.

I am immobile.
A gust of wind can sway me left and right
A gardener can tear my roots out from the ground and take me to a new home
But I am frozen stiff on my own

The only thing active about me is my imagination.
I think about endless possibilities if only me and the ground weren’t two peas in a pod.

I think of a place where I can stretch my petals to their widest wingspan
A place where I can bloom so alive and fresh
A place where I can flourish in heaven on Earth

If I rip free from my roots
I would be the one flower in the bouquet everyone wants to keep
The one flower we place in between the torn up pages of an old, thick book
In between the pages I lay, crushed, dehydrated, and decayed
I know I have a purpose

But here I stand
Roots cemented into the soil
And I am back to being just one tulip in a flower bed of hundreds
That is my life
And that is my cruel reality.

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