Tumbling Walls

Continuously heart aches and pain,
not wanting my heart to get maimed.
Building strong virtuous walls,
so that it won't have to be my heart I have to haul.

I tried and begged not to fall in love,
but you gave the wall one last shove.
Breaking, shattering, and collapsing on the cold floors,
"I'll love you, I promise." But I've heard it all before.

"I promise I won't hurt you," those words devour my heart.
Letting you in was of course the hardest part.
Astonishingly, he entered and made the sweetest introduction,
"Will this last or turn out to be a huge destruction?"

Showing me what true love is supposed to look like
My eyes are now open and my heart is no longer in fright.
How will this turn out to be in our conclusion?
It will be forever and always, I believe God is the solution.

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