a strong mind feigns,
its been a long ride, plane
the turbulence is here..
my tray tables cleared.
no need to fasten that belt, we're falling with the bomb like rain.
ironic isnt it...
i bought this ticket when- i could no longer take a napalmed highway
all nights fray- when racing thoughts arent an optional task
in this possible crash, theres a parable,
i need a parachute, fuck an oxygen mask.
Hallow that cask.
lets make memories while the room is walled
cloudy judgment for now, but we're free falling through it all.
theres too much cabin fever,
not enough cabin pressure.
couldnt manage to leave her
not after all we had to weather
never could make the runway, so we'd run away
every love was laced and upstaged by a tough phase
enough games,
we're about to land.... yea baby, on the front page.
thats why i mean it when i say i love you
thats why the sky no longer needs to know what im up to
thats why i mean it when i say i love you
whats a little turbulence when it comes to us two?

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