Is a broken heart one that cannot be found one that cannot be taken
one that turns like stone within my bones....
I think and demand there's nothing to fix something you experience
in diss-bliss Carting it around his heavyweight that's unfound
and feeling like a freight train 100 miles per hour, no stopping,
no brakes.Show me the light show me the way; feeling lost feeling
Unloved is the worst feeling of them all.
Being used and abused turns into this
tomorrow morning that you can't refuse.
taken back by sweet words, by promises that are broken
and never thought, Just like broken angel wings
that are from a life that is afar.
Turmoil ceases to exist unbreaking and m
Amend the lies within;
Beauty comes out of ashes
as they pulverize that turmoil of a broken heart.
I'm learning to walk with faith,
Walk again it's learning to love again
Knowing that God is with you until the end.
Trying to turn it around and make it into a better dream
make it into something thats unbroken to thee....
Let it not be forced because;
the turmoil will spoil your soul,
These are just thoughts these are mere words
these are feelings that need to be heard.

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