Turning in Regretful Sheets

I wrote meaningful words across the soles
Sketched dirty skies on the seams
These unkempt Converse -- they take me back
To laying my legs across yours, playfully
And running across campus
Jumping out of your car on summer claimed concrete
Curling my body with yours
Letting them splash in puddles when it rained
Standing up on the tips of those shoes to be able to kiss you
Serving you at the drive thru; eight hour shifts
Taking off those shoes after coming home
Black and white with dirt across the soles, the words now faded
Putting on those shoes and going for a walk
And ripping the laces on the corner of a nightstand
Finding those shoes as I cleaned out the closet of your things
Throwing them at the wall,
Finding them, years later, tucked in a corner
Lying in bed, clutching them, and wanting you back.

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