Turning Point

Lately I've been having issues and problems in my mind,
Maybe it's because of the past that I failed to leave behind.

Tossing and turning just trying to get a good nights sleep,
Wake up during night, feeling like life's problems are just too steep

Everyday I feel the same way, like my life is not in motion,
It gets irritating like dry skin, when you go without some lotion.

Happiness seems like Pluto, so very far away and unseen,
People walk right by me, like I'm some sort of evil and just mean.

I've tried to seek out advice, from my family and my friends,
It seems they've their own struggles,trying to meet financial ends.

I came to a point in my life where I thought I didn't matter,
Then I realized that surely but slowly I was getting a bit fatter.

As I was ready to end my life, to stop this suffering and pain,
God came into my mind and told me I was not created in vain.

He reached into my heart and took the pain and bitter stains,
And said to keep my faith, and He'll show me great gains.

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