Turtle Share It’s Children

In a world where hustle thrives,
And each soul fights to survive,
There lived a turtle by the shore,
Whose heart held wisdom, humble and pure.

He witnessed the rush and chaos,
As the people chased their dreams so grand,
Yet in their quest for fortune and wealth,
They seemed to forget about others' hands.

One day, the turtle called the children close,
Gathered them around him with glowing eyes,
He wanted to impart a lesson profound,
A tale that would make them truly wise.

"Children," he said in a voice so clear,
"Listen closely, open up your ears,
For I shall reveal a secret of life,
That could help you rise above your fears."

"In this world of competition and haste,
It's easy to be swept away,
But remember, dear ones, please don't forget,
To care and share along your way."

He painted a picture with words so bright,
Of a world where love had lost its might,
Where each person thought only of themselves,
And compassion was scarce, shelved on distant shelves.

The children pondered, their faces perplexed,
They asked the turtle, "What should we do?
If everyone seeks only their own gain,
How can we create something new?"

The wise turtle smiled and started to say,
"My dear children, it's time for a change,
You can be the catalysts, the shining light,
To make the world kinder, rearrange."

"Share your smiles, offer helping hands,
Support when others fall on hard ground,
For when you give, you'll receive so much more,
In unity, true joys are found."

"Remember, my little ones, it starts with you,
Choose kindness and empathy every day,
Spread love and compassion in all that you do,
And watch as darkness slowly fades away."

The children listened, their hearts touched deep,
They vowed to carry forth that wise old turtle's creed,
To love one another, embrace the unknown,
And create a world where all souls can gleam.

So remember, dear friend, this tale from afar,
The turtle's wisdom shining so bright,
For it's in sharing, in caring for all,
That we truly lived, in love's eternal light.

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