‘Twas the Night Before the Ides

T'was the night before Ides and all through the village not a person
was stirring, not even a sword.
Statues were decorated by the village square, in hopes that their
great Caesar would soon be there.
Brutus and them all snuggled in bed, while visions of stabbing
danced in their head.
And Cassius in his kerchief and Metellus in his cap had just settled
down for a long violent nap.
When, in the village, there rose such a clatter,
the villagers rose to see what's a matter.
Away to the window Antony flew like a flash, tore open the shutters
and threw up the sash.
The blood on the breast of the newly paved road gave luster of mid-
day to objects below.
When, to the villagers eyes to appear, but a dead Caesar with 35
With a jealous old man so sly and quick,the villagers
knew it must be Brutus.
More surprised than presents the villagers came, and called them by
Now Brutus! Now Cinna! Now Decius and Metellus! On Casca!
On Trebonius!
Oh! On pain and sorrow! To the devil you will go. Now go away, go
away, all.

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